Welcome & first info about our schedules

posted by Timo D. on 2020-01-19

First of all, in name of the whole Q2 Global va -management, welcome in the renewed Q2 Global va from now on operational by vaBase.
Along this way we want also to thank our former va-pilots to follow us into this new va-system. We hope that the new system serving us towards a higher level of satisfaction. At least, that is what we striving for.
Our new website will become step by step more in his new, final layout. This is a work in progress during our spare free time.
One of the important steps is the availabilty of schedules. They will become from now on available and they will be supplemented by many more in the future.
They are mainly based on real world ops, maintained by us personally or collected by, and bought by donators on VAschedules, a sim-company specialized in creating schedules as accurate as possible.
For the moment we keep the already used charter -feature available. But from now on you can also discover our added schedules, and book & fly them.
More schedules are expected as soon they are available.
Contact us on info@q2global-va.be or along Facebook, Discord or the website mail service to know more about the current status of schedules.
If you are interested to invest & donating schedules to our va, you can contact us along the same way for more info.
Take already a look on this website to know more about available schedule-packs useful by vaBase: www.virtualairlineschedules.net

Nb: This is only a current status update. There will be an official welcome & kickoff once the website & system is in a more finall status.

Kind Regards,
The Q2 Global va management